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Nicholas Provenzano is a passionate and nerdy teacher dedicated to giving every student a chance to learn something new and exciting. He taught high school English for 15 years and is not the Makerspace Director and Middle School Technology Coordinator at University Liggett School. Nicholas received his Masters in Educational Technology from Central Michigan University and has spent the past 5 years traveling the country and working with amazing educators. He has been recognized as the International Society of Technology in Education’s Teacher of the Year as well as Michigan Computer Users in Learning’s Teacher of the year. He has become a Google Certified Innovator, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, ASCD Emerging Leader, TED-Ed Innovative Educator, littleBits Lead Educator, and Dungeon Master Level 4. His resume details all of the work Nicholas has done over the past several years.

As a father, Nicholas loves spending time with his son as he explores the world around him. They love to laugh and play and make things all the time. Everything Nick has accomplished though, is because of the unwavering support from his amazing wife, Jennifer. She is the real life Leslie Knope working hard to make the community a better place every day. Jennifer is way out of his league and he is very lucky and grateful to have her in his life.

At heart, Nicholas is a huge nerd loves all thing pop culture, video games, movies, comic books, comics that became movies, movies that become comics, etcetera. These were things that were an important part of this childhood and he loves that he gets to share them with the educational community. He does this on his website (TheNerdyTeacher.com), Twitter (@TheNerdyTeacher), Instagram (@TheNerdyTeacher), SnapChat (TheNerdyTeacher), and other places social media nerds like to hang out and discuss educational things.

Nicholas is always on the lookout for his next great adventure and would love to come out and visit you and your community to see how you are bringing the Maker Mentality to your students and staff. If you ever have questions for Nicholas, please reach out on any of the social channels above, or send an email to OneNerdyTeacher@gmail.com.

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